Got any talented friends?


I picked up their Say Scientist ep after you mentioned them on here before. I’ll check out their other stuff. They remind me a little bit of the Answering Machine.


no mate. I was trying to bone someone who had a boyfriend as well though. She wasn’t wearing a scarf.


This is right up 16 year old me’s street :grinning: going to listen to this properly this afternoon


honestly it might be the best first-and-a-half-wave emo record ever made. No joke.


Maybe it was her housemate then


nah it was just me and her there together. I knew she didn’t want to be with her boyfriend any more and I was kinda besotted with her so was hoping the boning was on. She ended up boning someone else though.


yeah, ages in the making!

really hoping some of Jim’s outré production ideas made it into the album


not what I intended!

more like… share your friend’s talents because you love them. I think you get the spirit of it.


:heart: I need to come along to the next DiS football. I haven’t rested on my laurels, El!


I like those mugs.

Could you give us a clue on the cycling brand? That is cool.


That looks and sounds just like my housemate!


you live there now?!

please say hi to Rik’s kittens, they’ll be wondering where I am


No? Tekla lives with me (and has done for like >2 years!)


hmm… I am confused

the place with the nice kitchen? and… loads of copies of Wire magazine in the bathrooms?

I stayed there in November and there were kittens, dots. two of them!


I do not live there and Tekla does not live there!

That is Jim/Rik/Rosanna/Jenny(?)'s house.



they don’t live together!

that’s a good house, though. lots of musical junk in the lounge.

which reminds me: Jim = talented


no secret - it’s Morvelo

Things you have been slow to realise

Ooh now we’ve established we know the same Rik, I can confirm he is v talented

I was always a proud auntie at how amazing @pip was/is on guitar :slight_smile:

One of my ATDs is an incredible writer and public speaker, in fact she was on BBC News last night discussing council tax and actually made it sound exciting. SO PROUD

Another ATD runs her own wine school - she has trained for years and worked extremely hard, but she honestly is so clever when it comes to alcohol tastes, smells, chemical make up and production. It’s really impressive.


haha :smile: yeah, he’s good at the bass guitar (and probably many other things)

Playacting are dead good, have you heard much of their stuff?


Wait, is Pip your nephew, or is that just a figure of speech?