Got any talented friends?


Figure of speech :slightly_smiling_face:


this is great btw


right? i actually only really love that Miracle record. the rest i wasn’t hot on until Devine went solo


My wife used to be an artist in a textile design studio. She’d hand draw designs that would get sold around the world for various soft furnishings. Probably loads of rooms in South Africa & Japan still wallpapered with her handiwork. Eventually she left the industry as it was moving more towards digital design and for a few other reasons.

A couple of years later we were walking through the Triangle in central Manchester and she randomly discovered that an entire window display in the big Next store there was made up of home furnishings with a drawing of hers on - blinds, duvet sets, curtains, cushions etc. They’d mocked up a room with the whole range.

Never saw any commission for it, but who cares tbh - it was a really cool thing to see.


Aww mateeeee <3


Hope Fading Nightly is such a devastating album, in the best possible way. I absolutely love it.


Not heard of The Blizzard before. Really good stuff


My friend released her album today! She has a beautiful voice/is generally gorgeous inside and out :slight_smile:


i love wallpaper design, the section of the whitworth with all those different bits of wallpaper fascinates me




:musical_note:When I met… her.:notes:


Man, I’ve not been there in years! Keep meaning to go back, but it’s a bit out of the way with not living on that Wilmslow Road corridor any more. I remember a story from a few years back when someone broke in and stole some van Gogh and Picasso paintings only to dump them in the park’s public toilets with a note saying “this is just to point out that your security is really crap”…


Ah if you’ve not been there since the reopen you need to, it’s brilliant


one of my atds moved to austria last year and became a great comedian