Got any things that you have at the "wrong" time? - Confectionary/food edition

Weird how you don’t buy yourself a tin of Quality Street or how you only get a Toblerone at the airport or whatever isn’t it.

Talk about times that this hasn’t been the case for you.

Considering getting myself a cone of Ferrero Rocher to keep in the fridge.

i’d quite regularly have cereal as a snack before bed as a kid

I do that now as an adult!


Just had a cookie on the way to lunch. I started with my dessert like a mad fool.

What flavour?

I say “just”, it was at 12pm ish.

White choc

I hope that you enjoyed it but (purely as additional information) I find white chocolate loathsome

Just to close this off; I’m sorry to hear that.

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I frequently eat cake for lunch, cereal for dinner, and am currently eating a bag of Monster Munch for lunch.

There is no right or wrong, just irresponsible.

(Ron Howard: laelfy has bought herself a tin of Quality Street)

If my reading of this response is correct, I consider you a hero

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cereal exclusively eaten as a midnight snack.

i eat my main meal of the day at lunchtime in Spain now (as is the style), but its the wrong time to have it.

The mains in Spain fall mainly on the I don’t know where to go with this.


Buy them, eat all the fruit cremes then take the crappy ones into work.

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Even more heroic

(I got a tub of strawberry cremes only from Poundland after Christmas)


In another life we could have been perfect Quality Street eating partners.

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They sell boxes of just the fruit cremes now so I just get them instead. Could do with adding in a coffee creme though.

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Seriously considering mushroom tostada for breakfast.

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