Got any things you have in the "wrong" place? - Home edition

Wardrobe in the kitchen?
Hoover in the bathroom?
Cutlery on a shelf?
Bookshelf in the front porch?

Talk about stuff like that

Chest of drawers on the upstairs landing.

It’s not ideal, really, but it’s fine.

God I hate that house.

What’s in the drawers?

There’s currently a half eaten bread roll in the bedroom (breadroom?) that the tv brought to bed with her pissed this weekend, gonna see how long it takes her to move it


Kitchen: rat

edit: replied to wrong person


Yeah, that’s a thing in the wrong place. Thank you.

Owl tat in every room. Should be in a skip.


got a big cardboard box in the hall the contains large amounts of bullshit - leftover tins of paint, rubble bin bags, plus a muddy bike sitting on top with the wheels taken off

Also a broken lamp that has been replaced and needs to be taken to the tip

This isn’t a thread about things that would be in the wrong place regardless of the place that it’s in btw

dunno if it’s still there but my parents had a handsaw in the toilet for ages (in this little wicker basket where they keep the loo roll)

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Where do you keep your poo saw then?


we have a separate toilet and bathroom. that work for you?

I’m afraid it doesn’t count on accounts of there isn’t a “right” place for the blue light unless I’m mistaken?

Afraid not. Unless the toilet is in the conservatory or there is a bath in the front room or whatever.

Perfect contribution. Thank you.

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no theres a room for the toilet and a room for the bath, rather than them both being the same room. its an arrangement that suits us very well

I had that in a flat once and I liked it.

Once my friend’s gf got stuck in the toilet which was bad. Also within one day of me moving out, the replacement flatmate had kicked a hole in the toilet door. Thank you for reading.

Hi Ant, my bike is normally located in the living room, does that count?