Got any things you have in the "wrong" place? - Home edition

On top of a police car, obviously.

Tattoos do tend to follow you around m9


all my bike tools are in the kitchen - but they are in the boiler cupboard so I think that’s ok?

Only when they’re of the Mona Lisa.

Or your housemate nipping in whilst you’re asleep/shagging to get some oven chips!


Option D) It seems like the best we’re gonna get today?

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“Sorry, just grabbing a waffle!”

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I’ll take that, thank you.

At the moment, because we’re sorting some stuff out, we have:

Clothes airers in the living room (with drying clothes on them)
Bikes and my DIY tools in the dining room
Boxes of my stuff in the spare room
A load of indoor plants just standing next to the patio doors

Is that the kind of thing you mean?

This feels like an attack

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A hacksaw, hammer, pliers and some screwdrivers in one of the drawers under the bed, but the one farthest away from my head when I’m asleep.

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Very good.

Just remembered that I have a tape measure and a clear bag of IKEA screws and fittings in my pants drawer

I’ve got a spare sock draw in the kitchen, so it goes, from the top, cutlery, spare socks, towels, draw of manuals none of which anyone’s ever read.

Should probably move it, at least down one, but it’s right near the washer and maiden so seems convenient. Most of them will be pairs and some of them belong to people who lived here a decade ago.


Reckon you could combine it with the towel drawer?

I guess not…

the spare sock drawer in the kitchen is the best entry so far

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Disaster waiting to happen, Tone. I’d come home to find Jean polishing the bathroom mirror with one of my finest Dunlop Argyles.

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Sorry, this post was made while I was lunching.

This entry is fine.