Got any things you have in the "wrong" place? - Home edition

Yes, thank you William.

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Sofa in the main bedroom. The gf’s god dad was throwing it out and she wanted to put it in the attic (aka her office) but it wouldn’t fit up the stairs. Now it’s just there, never being sat on by anyone other than the cat.


chest of drawers in the corridor. I don’t think it contains anything that belongs to anyone who lives here currently.

Reverb pedal in front of distortion


I had a tv unit sat in the kitchen for about 3 months while I waited to paint it. I can confirm it is no longer there now though, as I have moved it into the garage as still can’t be arsed to paint it

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you monster

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you’re welcome

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It’s definitely the better arrangement, distortion before reverb just gets this nasty artificial squidgyness, reverb before distortion is huge Godspeed esque sound. Should be the standard

hmmmm - maybe?

One of my delay pedals sits before some of my drive pedals if that makes you feel better

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We have two bedrooms in one bedroom. The amount of time I spend sat in the hallway attests to this being an arrangement of things in the wrong place.

We have a window between the living room & mine & the TVs bedroom

Not really in the wrong place as such but quite unusual in any case

Two ladders in our downstairs bathroom
Fridge in our utility room (does this count?)
Unhung pictures and buggies and boxes full of toddler nonsense piled up in front of my records

Ive got a tapestry frame on the landing. It’s really annoying and I need to move it.

I also currently have a pile of clean laundry on the dining table.

Dirty clothes basket is in the spare room. I always grew up with one in the bathroom, but reckon poshos would say it deserves to be in the utility room or even a basement

Bathroom is deffo the “wrong” place for me clive. Maybe I grew up with tiny bathrooms…?


I went to view a flat that had converted the loft to a master bedroom.

Problem was putting the stairs in ate into the kitchen and therefore there was a freezer at the end of the bed.

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A bath on the spare room bed
Sink and a toilet in the living room.

Everything else is in the right place.

in a lot of the flats near me the back door to the garden is in the bathroom

Really don’t fancy going to a BBQ at one of them

Damp clothes!

At one place i lived the kitchen was so small that the fridge was in a cuboard in the hall that you had to go through the living room to get to