Got any things you like to say when in a conversation you have no knowledge on?


You know, an equivalent to “The thing about Arsenal is they try and walk it in”

I like to say “the head gasket is always the first thing that goes” if I ever accidentally end up in a car conversation.



No, I just keep quiet.


Probably for the best eh



Hasn’t happened yet but I’d definitely say “osmosis is the movement of water from a high concentration to a low concentration through a partially-permeable membrane” if I ever got stuck in some kind of science chat with a boffin.


“Yes, but mainly in the south”.


Context please, friend.


Was briefly roped into a conversation about boxing at the weekend. I just acted really incredulously at the ages of the two combatants.

“Oh yeah, Klitschko’s like 40-something isn’t he? And Joshua’s like 25? Mad!”


Terrific stuff, well played pal. You worked that effortlessly.


funny thing is though, in all my time owning crappy old cars, I’ve never had a head gasket go



Literally doesn’t matter, you can throw it in regardless and people will nod and consider it sage wisdom.


Yes, but mainly in the south.


This guy gets it.


Fuck, he’s right.


Don’t think this situation has ever arisen, tbh.


Nice punning!

(TBH I just try to make a daft pun or music reference)


Just stay quiet until people are polite enough to talk about something interesting


I normally just fain anger and they change the subject


How do you go about feigning anger non-verbally?