Got any transactions pending?

Got a return train to London in mine £49. Nowt else to speak of.

I had a pending transaction for my rent and then it disappeared without me having to pay rent so I’m riding this one out and seeing where it leads.

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Potatoes, parsnips and carrots yesterday

Bus fare and asda shop from Friday. Long time to be pending really :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Work lunch
Beers at a jazz bar
Brut IPA at crafty place
Mochachino stout at crafty place
Tesco shop
Train ticket
DiS curry and drinks
LIDL shop
Tesco shop
Work coffee

£82.39 total :grimacing:

Three pints of cider at €6.00 each and one G&T at €9.30 from the gig on Friday night.

A £10.10 TFL Travel Charge from Saturday.
£28 from Honest Burger (for two people) also from Saturday.