Got any tupperware items out on 'loan' at the moment?



you know, you give on of your ATD’s a bit of cake or some spag bol at the end of the night…and never get the container you put it in back.

got 3 or 4 solid tupperware boxes out there, most likely never to return.



when did everyone start saying atd?


YES! My mother-in-law has my Christmas pudding plastic basin. Need that back soon.


saw someone say it the other day. so…the other day


No chance.


None out on loan mate, I think 90% of the stuff in our cupboards belongs to my Mum or the gf’s g-parents though.


Pound shop tupperware’s the future. Watch out for looser lids, but three or four for £2. Yes please.


say you had a friend and you wanted to give them some curry or pie to take home for later. what would you put it in?


some of ours has gone missing, the cupboard is chaotic, there are lids with no boxes and boxes with no lids. It’s no wonder I’m exasperated with life sometimes.


I’d assume they have food at home, or the means to buy it.


Paper plate and some foil at best.


Not my problem is it.


keep a couple of old takeaway boxes in the cupboard for situations like this, no cunt’s getting near my sistema shit.


I don’t really have Tupperware as such, Silks. I’ve got a box full of old takeaway boxes / ice cream tubs etc - if I’m giving stuff for people to take away, I’ll usually put it in one of these.