Got anyone like this at your work?

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Yeah, really passive aggressive one too. Does my nut right in I’ll tell ya Meow.

I grassed up my boss to his boss once. Maybe that means it’s me.

We actually need one of these. Some prick keeps drinking our milk.

Snitches get stitches, obviously

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For what?

Although having said that, they don’t irk me as much as anyone who talks badly about any other workers behind their back.
I just don’t care, hate being within ear shot, I’m incredibly uncomfortable, weird colleague go away.

He wanted to do something incredibly illegal, then didn’t listen to me when I said that it was incredibly illegal, then tried to get me to do some work that would have made me complicit in the incredibly illegal act, which forced my hand.

When I grassed on him, the big boss’s reaction was “he wouldn’t have said something that stupid”, so I thought I was going to have to grass on my big boss or use the whistleblowing line.

Thankfully my boss changed his tune and decided to not go ahead with the incredibly illegal thing after all, so all’s well that ends etc.

Why can’t you drink the milk?

I have been tempted to send one shitty email out once about the teaspoon cup (i’ve mentioned this on here before but can’t find it) where they just put a dirty knife and fork in with loads of baked beans and bean juice. Boke.


I’m not going dahn for 'im or nobody! I’m too pretty to go to jail.

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So, so, so glad I don’t work in a proper office.

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There’s lots of people in the office. Each department buys their own milk. For some reason people assume that Marketing’s milk is just fair game. Pricks.

We started writing Tom’s name on it (big important manager man). No change.


Think of all the net runner you could play inside not to mention the extra sex

High risk of getting shanked when I’m inevitably the best darn Netrunner in the place.

One of my colleagues defended sweatshops

how is your office different from others, mate?

No, don’t think so. Think I’d still prefer that kind of sad act over a constantly calling sick, total waste of space though that means everyone has to work harder

Much, much more relaxed about literally everything by the sounds of some of the stuff I read on here.

I believe Ant works on a sports management simulator!!!