Got anything good coming in the post?

Dwarfcraft Silver Rose distortion pedal
Netrunner World Championship 2015 decks
Blood Bowl card game

Reasonably on brand, I reckon. Wbu?

Pink Floyd - Animals (vinyl)
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother (vinyl)
Oral B toothbrush - groupon
50 block of hash - thanks

Even your music equipment sounds like it comes from Games Workshop.


You can get anything from Amazon these days

Why do you think I bought it?

read something about them shipping some dodgy stuff recently. got fined, didn’t they. flammables and what have you.

no further info on this

Slimming tablets apparently or it could be make-cock-bigger pills.

cycling jersey

funny story, someone bought it for me and it was nice but the wrong size so they sent it back to get a different size, but they didn’t have the same colour in the right size so I had to settle for a crap colour instead. before wearing it I noticed that the colour I actually wanted was back in stock so I sent it away to them as an “unwanted gift return” with no receipt or fuck all and they’re now sending me the one I actually want. problem now is that I haven’t told the original purchaser that I swapped it bc when they gave me the one in the colour that I didn’t like I was all “oh no it’s fine, I like this one too” but now it’s going to be obvious I actually didn’t like that one at all!

haha you read all that because I said it was a funny story. tricked you.

yup, this for a birthday present:

Factor 100 sun cream

Been sending lithium batteries on aircraft ain’t they

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Hope they put some air holes in the box so he can breath.

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a couple of magazines/journals
paperchase order (had a money off voucher and wanted a couple of clear pencil cases for various art supplies, also got a roll of kraft wrapping paper and 10 gold gift tags for ÂŁ1.50 #christmas)
stamps, washi tape and stickers from hong kong
seemingly into stationery this month

Johnny Howson needs so such thing as air holes

Keep it to the football thread, please.

you asked…

I really didn’t.


no, i suppose you didn’t. But you did comment on Johnny Howson’s health and well-being and I was just letting you know not to worry OK?

Was your building named by Alan Partridge?