Got back into the yoghurt game recently

Nice alternative/addition to a piece of fruit with lunch innit. Just finished a plum and bergamot lad I got reduced at M&S, peng/10. How’s your yoghurt game? You spelling it with an ‘h’?

Gf told me there’s a new lactose free kind you can get now, and I realised that I haven’t missed it at all.

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Same - since the new year I’ve been trying out a number of different yoghurts. All raspberry, the only nice yoghurt flavour imho.

Big fan of Onken, didn’t mind the Muller Greek Corner thing I had today at all - even though it’s a ball-ache having to mix the damn thing myself - not so keen on the other ones I’ve had. Danone, I think, Greek style also.

Big fan of onken. Do they only come in those pint sized pots?

I like these pricks:

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Where would an aspiring yoghurt fan find these lonz?

I get them in the yoghurt aisle from Sains.

I have had nearly all the fruit flavours* (after my illness I went yoghurt and additional fruit crazy) but at the moment I have this sitting in my fridge, unopened.


*mango is excellent

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Russian fudge. Woof!

Yeah, that’s the only drawback. Can’t take them to work.

Sounds to me like you’re not willing to eat enough yoghurt.

I had completely forgotten about it. Tuesday night has just got a lot more sexy!!!

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A pint of yoghurt in one go would make my tummy somersault uncomfortably.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Work up to it.

Skyi is great, but someone told me it’s actually cheese


I’ll give it a go, Coach.

You got this Champ. Clear eyes, full fat yoghurt, can’t move.


i’m a big fan of the passion fruit one. seedy.

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This is my favourite kind of yoghurt, but you can’t get them in the south, bastards
greek yoghurt with honey, banana, cinnamon and walnuts is one of my all time favourite breakfasts

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Aye, I remember these, very school lunch-y

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These little fellas are pretty tasty. Mix a choc and a vanilla… yes!


Wish they would do three of each though.