Got drunk and did karaoke again last night, didn't I


Proper karaoke booth though, not sharing the stage with Shirley’s hen-do.

What’s your go to karaoke banger?

Highlight from last night:

Bitch Better Have My Money

I tried to do Intergalactic too, a song I thought I knew well. Apparently not though. :frowning:


I will never do karaoke


I prefer when its just one stage and not a little booth that you get for one hour that costs eighty quid

seriously what are those places they are horrible


First 20 minutes are always people too shy to sing too and then they get more confident and there’s 30 songs lined up with 5 minutes remaining and nobody gets to sing what they want


Go to is Flying Without Wings


(disclaimer: I do like them though)


My go-tos:

Just a Gigalo
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Mad World (original)

Love it, but do need to be at least tipsy to even consider it.


Go to’s:

Since u been gone
It’s my life (original)
This is hardcore (if nobody is singing and I want to take up 6 minutes of people’s time)


never experienced this haha


Both have their place if you ask me. Obvs nothing beats everyone sharing a stage in a pub/bar or whatever but if you just want to get in a booth with a load of mates and sing a load of old shite that’s great also.


I think going with some old colleagues a few months ago ruined it for me

never seen such a bad selection on songs. I arrived and deleted half of them.

the only good songs were shaggy (it wasn’t me) and dancing queen. the rest was absolute total shite.


I found out via Singstar that this song suits my voice perfectly. I need to give it a go on karaoke.


Every other building in New Malden is one of these.


karaoke is one of those things that’s only fun for the person doing it eh? never understood the joy in watching someone murder/give an X-factor-esque lungbusting version of a popular song*

*disclaimer i also fucking hate cover bands


Yeah that does happen - there’s always one who just puts about 20 songs of shite on. Doesn’t happen in standard karaoke, you’ve got to choose carefully.

Dancing Queen is always a highlight. Possibly the best song of all time.


I dont have a go to sorry

stupid invention


I suppose it depends whether everyone else is singing along too. We tended to have everyone singing, apart from when me and a mate did Paranoid Android (before someone cut the song off ffs).

Agree that someone trying to do Adele or Amy Winehouse like this is their moment while everyone looks on is pretty shit.


to be fair my experience of it is limited to a local boozer when i was growing up where the karaoke night was mainly frequented by frustrated wannabe cruise ship singers murdering whitney houston and celine dion songs


Lionel Ritchie’s Easy is my safe bet.

But usually I just jump up and interrupt someone else


down by the river by neil

do air guitar for the solo for 8 minutes or whatever