Got drunk and did karaoke again last night, didn't I

Every other building in New Malden is one of these.

karaoke is one of those things that’s only fun for the person doing it eh? never understood the joy in watching someone murder/give an X-factor-esque lungbusting version of a popular song*

*disclaimer i also fucking hate cover bands


Yeah that does happen - there’s always one who just puts about 20 songs of shite on. Doesn’t happen in standard karaoke, you’ve got to choose carefully.

Dancing Queen is always a highlight. Possibly the best song of all time.

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I suppose it depends whether everyone else is singing along too. We tended to have everyone singing, apart from when me and a mate did Paranoid Android (before someone cut the song off ffs).

Agree that someone trying to do Adele or Amy Winehouse like this is their moment while everyone looks on is pretty shit.

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to be fair my experience of it is limited to a local boozer when i was growing up where the karaoke night was mainly frequented by frustrated wannabe cruise ship singers murdering whitney houston and celine dion songs

Lionel Ritchie’s Easy is my safe bet.

But usually I just jump up and interrupt someone else

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Poison by Alice Cooper if I’m on a stage.

Used to have singstar and some of my favourites to murder where unchained melody and this charming man.


I’ve only done Karaoke once and tried to do Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations. Like, the full harmonies and everything. Dreadful

There’s a karaoke bar that recently opened up in Nijmegen. Every time I’ve gone there, the entire fucking place is singing, and the person who has the microphone is almost incidental.

The collective rendition of 100 odd people singing/shouting Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On in unison was a truly magical moment.


I would never inflict my “singing” onto anyone, not even at karaoke. Last Thursday, though, Clive did Material Girl. The last time he did karaoke he went for Reach For The Stars.

I would never sing at karaoke, and while I like seeing other people have fun, I’ve never enjoyed it and I always feel really down after going.


Very much this.


Under Pressure or Common People for me


Yeah, obviously.

I can’t sing at all, and doing so in public is a threshold that I would never cross again. Once was enough - I don’t need to hear that kind of abuse and laughter directed at me again.

Never done it but would be up for it nowadays as I no longer give a shit about that sort of thing.

Would do Sugar Daddy by Fleetwood Mac

got a standing ovation for singing bohemian rhapsody once.

Probably best moment of my life


I’m far too self-conscious to ever even consider doing it

My wife never does it, ever, but she absolutely LOVES going. Imagine she’s in a minority.

All depends on whether the slight nervousness and anticipation is actually crippling-anxiety and fear innit.

As with other social activities, if it makes me feel down about my inability to enjoy it, I’m best off not participating in it.


Singing INability.

And people are weird, and they can be nasty, and it can play on your anxieties and self-loathing for the rest of your life.

I suspect that lots of other people feel the same way.

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