Got exactly £4.60 in my wallet


and off to lidl shortly. what shall I buy?

fyi, I have tin of tuna and 4 nanas on the list. so that’s about a quid.

could do with some snacks, if that helps


toffee crisp. save the rest


4.6 tacos


Do they do a Pringles equivalent?


Dunno mate, I use Ocado.


yeah, but I’m not really a crisp guy, man. don’t mind those veg crisps though


Get some of them in that case mate. You’ve earned them.


Just spent £130 in Waitrose.




and you didn’t think of asking us what to buy?!?


Early Alanis Morisette lyrics needed revising


Is this the first sighting of ‘Early X lyrics needed work’ on the new boards?

Should be added to the Disisms Disipedia thread.


Got exactly £4.60 in my wallet.

Isn’t that an Art Brut song title?


currently carrying £201.40
got my rent haven’t I, tempting fate aren’t I


You’re the reason my lettings agent don’t understand what a standing order is, aren’t you.


My “lettings agent” is a cab driver who lives in Essex so I’m quite sure it’s all beyond fucked, but let’s go with yes.




I stand corrected. A rare ‘deemed disappointing’ rather than the usual ‘needed work’.


Tinned fish. Thousands of them.

Genuinely a Lidl store cupboard great.


got about 12p