Got milk?

  • Yes, I have a lot of milk and you are welcome to have some of my milk
  • Yes, I have some milk. Help yourself to some but leave me a bit for a cuppa
  • I do not have milk as I do not like milk.
  • I do not have milk. I like milk but I just do not have any milk.
  • I have some milk but I’m afraid I’m going to use it up so I’m afraid I can’t spare any milk.

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I like milk but i rarely have milk. sorry

Milko-mania is running wild
The princess has turned into the dairy queen(?)

what other great JR quotes were there in that Angle/Stone Cold milk truck segment?

are you allowing oat milk


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I need to go to the shop and get some milk today.

I’ve got cow, oat, coconut and almond milk

just a pint of milk.

I have normal milk that has an expiration date of March 22nd which was most recently used on March 25th

I have Oat Milk which is used exclusively for coffee frothing.



have lots of soy milk at home but that’s my wife’s and i can’t have it, so you definitely can’t. sorry.

had a bottle of frijj yesterday though, was alright

I have subconsciously cut milk and faux milk out of my diet completely :milk_glass: :no_entry_sign:

Do you order it by the box? I might consider this option, asda keep being out of stock/only having a couple of cartons left so far back on the top shelf that it is impossible to reach.

I have the grey Oat-Ly but I don’t use the brown one

Nope. Just if I spotted the barista one and there’s a whole box I pick it up. Everytime I do an online order they never have it so I usually carry them all the way home :frowning:
Although I do get the organic one by the box from my local vegan supermarket, but again involves getting it home with usually a toddler in the other arm.

The quest for good milk is fraught with heavy lifting


what’s the difference between the barista one and the non-barista one

Barista is for my chai - nice and creamy and doesn’t split or go weird with heat (unless you microwave it)

It’s incredible, as all things creamy are.

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Sadly this is very much the case :disappointed:

I’m almost always carrying at least one carton of oatly in my handbag at any one time to keep the supply topped up.

Although ASDA always seem to have the semi skimmed version in these days instead. Who on earth wants semi skimmed oat milk? It’s hardly rich to begin with. Don’t jump the shark Oatly!

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the shop below my flat sells the barista one