Got much stuff?

things etc?

I’ve got WAY TOO MUCH stuff to be honest. practically bursting at the seams.

wouldn’t say I’m a full on hoarder, but I could definitely do with a BIG clear out, for sure.

what about you eh?

shit, shit thread…agreed

Just about to take some clothes and books down to the old charity shop funnily enough

Nah, biggest thing’s the amp… moved house a few times and don’t need anything bigger than a 3-door car.

I feel like I’m constantly getting rid of stuff but I still have a fair amount of stuff.

My gf is something of a barrier to me getting rid of stuff at times and she is definitely a borderline hoarder. The amount of clothes we’ve had to find space for in our new flat is frankly criminal.

Quite good at taking stuff to charity shops / giving it away. We’ve not unpacked most things from our move (which was in February), so make of that what you will :confused:

I thought I did, but really it’s just tech and media. And I love my games and records and films. So kinda. Yeah, I’ve got a lot of physical media, but not much at all in the way of random tat

I always give away or sell stuff I don’t use won’t rewatch/play/listen mind

I cling on to ridiculous stuff, like plastic ice cream tubs, for example. think to myself this’ll be a great place to keep nuts or something.

same with jars. got so, so many jars maaaan.

My flatmate’s got a thing about keeping jars to drink out of, but the tops are so annoying.

i’ve got about 100 Q magazines from the 90’s just kicking about, taking up valuable space. damn!

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Every aspect of this is irritating to me


Alright, Landfill Ant


records/ cds/ books / dvds / games / bikes/ guitars etc yes . And I wouldn’t have it any other way

not too bad on the other stuff - could probably do with a bit of a clearout just to make sure though

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Yes, way too much stuff. Clothes are mostly the issue. Looking forward to using my impending move as an excuse to have a massively clear out.

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He means in prison

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Yeah, got a million cds and dvds I’ll never use again in the flat.

Reckon I could quite happily get rid of all my physical media, except for a few books with sentimental value. Keep meaning to, but I’m very lazy.

It’s the 100 or so board games that are really taking up space.

the modern nutella ones are good for this

Far too much stuff which is partly what inspired my ebay adventures.

I’m suspicious of anyone who can’t abide clutter. Feels homely to me.