Got my first parking ticket through the post earlier


£100! wow. fuck sake, man. only 11 minutes over, too. no good, man. no good.

assuming I can just ignore this


You’ve done well to get to your early forties without a ticket, bud.


only pay half if you pay it within 14(i think) days though


Keep us posted!


yes, yes I have. I’m a considerate guy, with excellent timekeeping.

I did get a ticket a couple years ago, but I was volunteering at the time, so I wrote to them and they said forget about it


Is it a local authority ticket or a private site ticket?


40 sniffs off if you pay within 14 days. these cunts can whistle though.


private, man. Parking Eye.


pretty sure I’m gonna get another, thinking about it. I was defo over my time in the same spot yesterday.

keep going to my mates coffee shop and forgetting about time, don’t I


Eh. They can sue you for the outstanding balance and get a CCJ against you. Looks like they do follow through with threats of court action. Up to you, I guess.


oh, yeah…well fuck that. damn! need to get rid of this hunk of steel and get back out on the bike


Fuck it off I’d say. The cost of recouping the money through the courts outweighs the fine so they only bother in a small % of cases.

Obviously keep an eye on your post and if it looks like they’re gonna take you to court just pay it before you get a CCJ.


A hundred fucking pounds, where the fuck were you parked?!


i would write to them and say i was volunteering


in a car park. nuts innit