Got my new bank card through the post today


That’s me joined the contactless world. Pretty exciting.


welcome aboard, jordo!


Do you think they’ll accept it at Greggs? Might head there just now.


How many yumyums you getting?


Ooh. What’s you card number?


I can spend up to £30 contactless apparently, so that many.


Same as the old (non-contactless) (contactful?) one.


Anyone heard that album Channel Orange from Frank Ocean yet? He’s part of OFWGKTA but actually good. Give it a listen if you haven’t heard!


Good for you. When I see people typing in their PIN I want to smash their kneecaps. You think you’re so great with your fucking PINs and your small purchases.


Put my card on my phone now I pay by just holding the phone over the thing.
It’s like living in a comic book future.

Earned a £10 from Google for it too…plus one for MrS by way of recommending me …


I feel like there’s a subtext to your post, but I genuinely haven’t heard that album, so might listen to it. Thanks!


can’t see this taking off


Congrats!! Now you can also have that tedious conversation of
“Do you take contactless?”
“Ooh it’s dangerous though isn’t it, feels like you aren’t spending any money!”
“Haha yep.”


This sounds exciting, but I’ll have to crawl before I can walk.


What’s the limit for needing to put your personal PIN number in the machine these days?

When I left the UK: 10 quid. What a joke.
Australia: $100
Netherlands €30 I think, haven’t been paying attention.


An Australian woman in a shop asked me if I had contactless when I was buying something once, and I said no. She said “you don’t want it anyway”, and I didn’t really know how to respond to that, so the rest of the transaction was completed in silence.


Big fan of Kendrick Lamar’s new album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Hadn’t heard of the guy before, but it’s a surprisingly accomplished effort.


I’ve heard that one!


£30.00pGBP these days.

About $500 in Australian that isn’t it?


Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll keep an ear out :ear: