I sat on the Iron Throne today you guys. For reals.

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pics or it didn’t happen


Sweated my way to the top.


Brilliant :smiley:


one of the dragons will get turned into a white walker

also i think the others are attacking because they made a pact with humans at the end of the war for the dawn that guaranteed the wall would prevent humans from encroaching too far north but because we ignored the pact - i.e., the wildlings it pissed off the others and they decided to take revenge.


i.e., a “man is the real wanker” scenario.


Hey gang. How’s everyone coping? I’m binge watching a lot of shows and reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (Dunk & Egg) and have put up my GoT Christmas decorations.


My friend is working on GoT and im very glad that he isn’t telling me anything as per the non disclosure thingy


I have Rogues, which means I have one of the other two short stories he’s written alongside those 3 (not Dunc and Egg ones) but I’ve not read that yet. Too much reading.


book wankers - whats your plan for when the new book gets a release date?

  • don’t need to re-read anything, steel trap m9
  • reread all the books again because i have unlimited time and patience
  • re-read a dance with dragons - quentyn martell? don’t nobody remember that shit
  • worlds going to blow up before he brings another out

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Actually did a re-read a year or so back. Can highly recommend using the combined reading order for AFFC and ADWD together. Improves both books massively.


ooh, i might just do that. a lighter could improve feast tbf though.


I voted for the re-read option although obviously it’s more likely that the world’s going to blow up etc., but I plan on re-reading and re-watching everything before the final season is out anyway.

I’m a bit drunk now but just thinking about re-reading and re-watching actually makes me feel really excited just because I know how much amazing stuff I have ahead of me again. (I’ve read the books once and watched the entire show twice all in the past two and a half years or so)

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just realised i’ve not read any of them since 2011!! re-read them all when a dance with dragons came out but i had it in my head that that was about 3 years ago or something. :hushed:


what’s this now





wonder how much of a pain in the arse it is to keep switching books? I guess each one is chronological ie you don’t go back and forward within each book, you just switch between them at certain points


It’s not too hard. I had both as ebooks so that made life simpler. Mainly because there’s no actual numbering I kept having to check after most chapters to make sure when to switch.


does anyone remember the name of the other fantasy series some say is better than GoT, it’s very dense and complicated and sink-or-swim reading? we discussed it earlier this year but i can’t find it.


would be interested to find out what it was, i’m needing something new to read