someone convinced me to watch ‘reign’ on netflix, pitching it as GoT but with a historically accurate storyline

it’s so shit m8s. almost comically bad, but not.

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I’ve seen some of this. It’s basically Carry On Mary Queen of Scots, “historically accurate” is pushing it, it just uses the names of real people. Nice costumes though, and quite a lot of shagging.


even with that description i’d be willing to give it a go esp “quite a lot of shagging” but it’s pure turkey


‘rome’ is the ‘historically accurate’ game of thrones

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I remember that being total bilge but it has an 8.8 on IMDB. Was is not total bilge?


It was ahead of its time.


It’s fantastic and if it came out now everyone would love it but it just predated the boxset boom/golden age of tv.

The BBC (who co-produced it with HBO, I think) cut the first two episodes into one when they showed it so it made no sense and got bad reviews as a result. Then they buried series 2 on a Sunday evening. And then it got cancelled cos it cost shit loads to make. But it’s proper AAA level TV.

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So, what are some good GoT apps? Mostly interested in trivia and such, not like strategy games or whatever. (For the first time in my life I have a phone with enough space to download lots of silly shit and I love it)


the correct answer is to tuck into the witcher 3 and both DLCs for that grimdark flava while we await the new season.


Going to watch the last episode of season seven tonight! Very excited! (And will be re-reading the books now too.)

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Has anyone else totally lost all enthusiasm for the TV series? Only really liked the field of fire episode from last series and all the excitement I had for the conclusion has ebbed away.


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Is that your new motor?

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I definitely had a lot more enthusiasm early on. My love of quite a few characters has waned somewhat as it goes on too. Partly the way the recent seasons have gone, partly the writing not feeling as good and partly getting a bit tired of the whole thing because 7 series of anything is quite a lot.

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no, but think i need a new book before i get back to MAXIMUM HYPE levels


So he’s got time to write this but not Winds of Winter, fuxake.

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Ive not totally lost all enthusiasm but the shows struggles in season 5 really took the shine off it a lot. Not found it quite so compelling post season 4. Still looking forward to the conclusion. It’ll either be brilliant or awful (in which case the fallout will be brilliant).


the last two series were proper dross. entertaining enough while they were on, but nothing to get really excited about anymore. feels like with the last couple of harry potter books where i wasn’t really interested anymore but i thought i might as well see it through

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