My prediction for the end is


Jon and Dany manage to defeat Cersei who stretches her forces too thinly, they eventually defeat the White Walkers after a long battle, but they only succeed in driving them back in such a way that they might come back in the future. The two of them agree to rule the Seven Kingdoms together and all seems rosy, but just at the end we get a hint that Dany is going mad just like her dad, showing that the whole thing is all cyclical.

Not sure how Bran figures into this.


Can’t believe we’re going to know how GoT ends on May 19th. That’s only 95 days away!


Eurovision ends the day before that too so I’m gonna be fucking livid on the 20th

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Will be disappointed if it is a ‘everything happens in cycles’ ending tbh. Am v keen on @ghosthalo’s idea that the White Walkers win.

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By then Brexit will have made Wildlings of us all.




oh man i hope you’re right that they acknowledge some kind of logistics in the war. that was always GoT strength, grounding this stuff in some kind of logic. but recent seasons…i mean, to say one side has dragons and 2 leaders w/ dragon blood, and another side is entirely magic ice zombies, i think i had more trouble trying to figure out where these 10s of 1000s of lannister troops keep appearing from. somehow they can afford to abandon casterly rock, besiege 2 different castles, and get absolute wrecked by dany. it makes no sense that the golden company would agree to fight for an obviously losing cause, no matter how much gold cersei has.


Bran’s Ending: He’ll say some philosophical bollocks and then just disappear into thin air like Starbuck at the end of Battlestar

*contains Battlestar Gallactica spoiler.


one thing that would be quite interesting is to see word of dragons spread through the army and then to the civilians in lannister areas, and some kind of uprising or dissent starts as people realise cersei is planning to feed them to the wolves (and dragons) just so she can be queen for a week or two longer. army hit by desertions, people refuse to pay their taxes, whatnot. might be overcomplicating it to have a 2nd (3rd?) civil war happening with so little time left to go however.

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My batshit theory is that somewhere deep in the desert lands to the south, there exists a parallel wall, a remnant from the days when an army of Fire Zombies were battled and defeated. The White King is forced back and defeated, and then the last shot of the programme is a flaming hand punching up through the sand.


As much as I like a Carrie/Cabin In The Woods/every zombie film ever reference, think this might be a bit ‘done’ for them to use sadly :-1:

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oo intriguing. iirc they have folk tales in the far east of the world of a long night or something too, don’t they.


Jon will kill Dany at the end. Cersei will get herself killed by Arya. Winterfell will go to the dogs and Sansa will live happily ever after in Lys or something. Jaime will die doing something heroic. The show will be absolute, atomic weapons-grade shit


any wolf sightings?



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Turns out the Night King is Ned!!!


Weirder things have happened on this show tbf

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oh fucking hell this is going to happen isn’t it


maybe the real white walkers were the friends we made along the way


There’s a YouTube channel called The White Walkers and they film and commentate on GoT card game… games. I have played them both and they’re very nice people.

So you’re absolutely correct.