we were planning a rewatch from like s5 or something. think i might suggest doing this instead


Jon Snow will team up with the white walkers as the WWs are actually starks

Dany does not like this and Jaime joins her, killing Cersei. Jorah kills Dany and the WW king (hes azor ahai) and Bran turns into this WW king to honour an ancient Stark / WW agreement

The North is destroyed and the south isnt much better and it ends with few of them having survived.

Hot Pie ends up on the throne.

EDIT: I like @marckee sand zombie idea - never ever thought or read anything like that. Thatd be cool.


Hence the origin of the term ‘upper crust’.


The books and entire back story were just a way to make a lame Hot Pie is king / Upper crust etymological (sp?) joke


this is top-tier stuff, i love this idea.

i haven’t read the books but iirc the night king was the 13th lord commander of the night’s watch wasn’t he. could well have been a stark…:thinking::thinking::thinking:


oh wait the show deviates. says he was the first white walker, before they formed night’s watch


I think so, and I’m sure I’ve read that he was married to some kind of ice queen and the nights watch rebelled and got rid.

Bran being able to see anything will out something to do with this, I’m sure. The other three eyed raven was a targaryen (or an offshoot) so the WW king didn’t want to deal with him - a stark might be a different matter. Total stab int he dark really.

This really makes me want to write some mental line of books where everything means something.


Brynden Rivers, one of the Great Bastards (a hell of a nickname)


Err the nights watch was after that war and then they built the wall - the WW king was just some guy those children turned into that king as they didnt know what they were doing

The 13th commander stuff is early after that, isnt it? Someone else will know this…

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Think it’s a point where the books and TV differ.


I’m getting books and TV show mixed up I think. Sorry @ghosthalo!

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the 13th LC was giving babies to the WWs so they could reproduce i think, which coupled with crastor doing same beyond the wall and being left in relative peace, would add support to my theory that you can negotiate with them/they understand politics. i think we’re onto something here.


dammit songs_about_ducking :wink:

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Hope the big final battle is before the final episode and the finale can focus on the process of introducing representative democracy to Westeros




dragons will have reshaped the architecture of how they built cities and castles, when they were still used by the targaryans in warfare. westerosi city states would have looked quite modern - no point having walls or moats or drawbridges. so a sad fact of westerosi life during the latter years of the targaryan rule is that anywhere there was a castle or a city with a high wall or a moat, that’s a place where dragons had already gone extinct :frowning:


There is some good theorising about Bran being the Night King due to his weirwood time travelly wotsit

What’s your fave theory that almost definitely isn’t true? Mine’s the one where Cersei and Jaime are the Mad King’s children, and Tyrion is Tywin’s only genuine heir. Just because it’s a massive FU to Tywin, and it explains Cersei’s own descent into madness and using the wildfire etc.

OH AND the one where the planet is actually the remnants of our civilisation, many years after an apocalypse.


Closing shot is The Wall melting to reveal the Statue of Liberty




If anyone wants to go down the rabbit hole of ASOIAF theories, Alt Shift X is great: