Got quiche lorraine in the oven

Having it with a little salad and some other ‘picky’ things like garlic mushrooms and that.

Should be done at about 7.


Is it ready yet?

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Eight minutes is not long enough to warm a quiche up properly

Never heard the term ‘picky’ with regard to bits of food until recently

That’s ok though, it’s not possible to be aware of everything all the time is it

Did you make it yerself Barley or is it a supermarket own brand, a Higgidy one or perhaps a different brand ?

Yeah I’ve picked that one up from wor lass

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I think it translates as “things I like to eat but which would horrify John Torode if I served them to him together.”

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Needs a nice sauce to “bring it together”

HP sauce?

Why not. It would set the lettuce off perfectly.

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Does it come with any wet? Needs a bit of tzatziki or sour cream, imho.

Quiche lorraine
Whenever you need me
Quiche lorraine
Whenever I’m gone too long

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There’s smoked garlic sauce/caesar dressing on the salad. That’s as good as you’re getting.

Sorry forgot to answer you, it was an Asda one

“Quiche, Lorraine?”

Lorraine: “I’ll take a slice cheers.”

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