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fuck this show

seriously neither cersei or euron are remotely interesting and i can’t take 3 more hours of lena hedey smirking instead of acting


How’s THAT for a big death!

No, not her.

More of this kind of thing please. Just talking in darkened rooms for the rest of the series with everyone agonising over their divided loyalties. And a nice gruesome death for Jaime because HOW. FUCKING. DARE. YOU.


(need to read the last part of the card for this to work)


altho in fairness that was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. i am gutted about that ending tho. i do not understand varys thinking tbh. like dany has every right to go mad, she has given everything so a bunch of ungrateful cunts can keep drinking and scheming and plotting against her.

i hope she ensures every man woman and child dies screaming in king’s landing. make those evil dirtbags pay for siding with the brother fucker. team dany 100%. let’s go.

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its weird how emilia clarke gets shit for her acting when lena headey has only had one facial expression for 4 seasons now. whats that all about.


Good to see the eunuch back in action. Half expected him to pop up behind the mountain or for Tyrion to have a word with Danny and have him fed to a dragon.


What’s the dragon equivalent of full tankie?


Also robson and/jeromes bit was good. Happened earlier than I thought it would


So yeah, Dany can fuck off, basically.

She gives it all this chat about how she i) wants to reclaim her birthright and ii) make the world a better place while preferably iii) not behaving like her mad father, but she’s full of it. She now knows that there’s someone with a better claim than her, who has popular support, and who she (presumably) recognises is a good person and probably a good leader. If she gave two shits about points i) and ii) above she’d go “well, tbf I freed a load of slaves and played a pivotal role in preventing the actual apocalypse, and now there’s a good leader lined up who will unite the Seven Kingdoms, so I’ve more than done my part” and fucked off into the background somewhere.

But instead she’s wanting to burn King’s Landing to the fucking ground in the pursuit of i) - which she knows isn’t even true - by doing exactly what her father wanted to do all along! Doesn’t matter how many people die, as long as she’s in power.

Dany is essentially Theresa May.

So Team Sansa 110%, her and Varys are the only ones with their heads screwed on any more.


Parts of Dany’s character has always been about wanting just to retire to the little house with the blue door and the lemon trees and all that and leave all the politics behind… but I can also understand how when you’ve grown up relentlessly pursuing one thing, and suffering untold misery while doing it, that you become committed in a way that no longer makes sense or even makes you happy. It’s full sunk cost fallacy in action. You’re right, it is like Theresa May, but the thing is, Theresa May is real and actually doing this, which makes Dany’s arc all the more believable and psychologically sound.


Yeah but she can still do one.

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bad analogy imo, theresa may would never free slaves


In this analogy the slaves are the Post Office and the railways.


Gave them the right to buy their council house

Sure, but we’re all adults here, I’m not interesting in liking or rooting for these characters, I just want them to be well written and make sense, and I think she just about does in a broad sense at least.

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In this context I’m not sure that I am. I’m still seething about Brienne.

Agree with this though.

All politicians / rulers that live long enough become the bad guy eventually.

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animals reflect the fates of their owners in this show, hence ghost sent away cos jon is no longer an outsider but raygal likewise was smoked because he is jon’s dragon but like jon no longer by danys side, look for jon to get shot with crossbows imo