🐲 GoT season 8 ep TWO 🐲 SPOILERS!

Cba with 600 replies for each episode in one single thread, so here we go. This is the thread for people who HAVE SEEN s08e02, and will be chock full of spoilers.

If you want to discuss GoT but not have any spoilers, please head over to this thread.

THEORIES AND SPECULATIONS still require spoiler tags.

See you all back here tomorrow!



Feel free to kick us off with some polls or (blurred!) speculations or whatever obvs



Yer man John Snow…

  • Still shagging his Aunt by the end of episode 2
  • Not shagging his Aunt by the end of episode 2
  • Shagging someone else while their anthropomorphic pet / child looks on disapprovingly

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Reckon he might be holding out until they figure it all out and realise how common this sort of thing is in noble families :woman_shrugging:t3:

Edit: or until she reveals she is preggers ofc

Fourth option should probably have been β€œis really REALLY in to the idea and we’re treated to a whole episode set in a waterfall.”

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Isn’t episode 3 the big battle episode. So I expect it will just be a load more setup.

Yeah, and some sexy reunions

Brienne +Jaime


Wanna see more Brienne, Pod and Melisandre pls

Anyone staying up to watch the live version?

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Would be great if everyone is killed in the third episode and Cersei is the only one to defeat the Night King.

Then its just 3 episodes of her getting pissed and wanting Elephants before the Mountain kills the Night King and then her in the final episode.


I don’t think I will. 3 am my time and I’ve quite a bit of work to do tomorrow… (But will obviously take time off to watch both episodes anyway so we’ll see)

Would certainly be up there with Ned being beheaded in terms of shock value.

Bet this doesn’t work

Hyped for this

Hope this is the episode where Dany starts going mad

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Ep 2 has leaked…

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Ok leaving this thread for now then

540p what an odd resolution to leak at.

Normally I’d wait for hd but I only have my phone with me so might as well just watch the leak when it has downloaded

Really wanna, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to

Ewwww that was unnecessarily weird