Got some Jelly Bellys


not going to offer them to share with anyone in the office


Yeah, I’m a bit overweight too


make sure everyone knows what flavour you’ve got though




sours pack, only 5 flavours! im outraged


just smashed through 600 calories of chocolate coated cranberries :muscle:


Remember I was on some medication once that made me crave two tubes of jellybellys every morning, halcyon days


Hey @Antpocalypsenow you still swallowing jelly beans whole?






Yeah mate. With water, as if they’re pills.

Recently my sister’s boyfriend brought some of those jelly beans were some of them taste disgusting round and I took some to fill my jar on accounts of how, given I swallow them with water as if they’re pills, it doesn’t matter if they’re disgusting.

Thanks for your query. I trust you are well?


Why eat them at all?


I should clarify that I swallow jelly beans with water as if they’re pills before going for an early morning run as opposed to just doing it for enjoyment. I find that they give me an energy boost without having to eat a breakfast which makes me feel sluggish.


Wasn’t expecting to be satisfied by your response but, credit where credit is due, that makes a lot of sense


Thank you. You are literally the only person on the planet that has reacted positively regarding this. I appreciate it.


idk if it does


The world fears mavericks


I heard that once


Have you ever considered shoving them up your arse?


This still doesn’t explain why you wouldn’t just chew the jelly beans! Surely it will have the same end goal.

But I really can’t see that being good for your stomach cause you’re not broken then down with saliva.


How about if he shoves them up his arse?