Got some Jelly Bellys

Just done my teeth mate

What does that mean?

Eat them then clean your teeth?

I honestly cannot get my head around this. It’s too weird.

I got the reference. :+1:


Shoving them up your arse?

Please try not to worry about it

I really do though.

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no you fucking pelmet. danny and his dad go poaching by soaking some raisins and threading a horse hair through them. this chokes the pheasants (or grouse) to death and they clean up.

Shove it up your arse. Of course I’ve read Danny CotW! Who do you think I am, antpocalypsenow?

Would it make your life better if I stopped swallowing jelly beans with water as if they’re pills?

sorry mate, red mist.

Then Jimmy Nail gets shouted at by Bobby Coltrane.

You fucking goomba, that’s totally wrong. The horsehair method is one way to catch pheasants, when it sticks in the pheasants’ throats they stand still and are thus easy to catch.

Danny and his dad’s revolutionary method is to soak the raisins so they swell, carefully hollow them out and fill them with the powder left over from his dad’s sleeping tablets, which they then feed to the pheasants so that they’ll drop out of the trees in a deep sleep once they are roosting.


mate I haven’t read it since I was 3 or something

Which is what @Antpocalypsenow should do, but with some kind of amphetamine.

I am a clean athlete

You’re jelly beaned up to the fucking eyeballs mate, you’re no better than the rest of them.


Thread got boring


Please don’t be crude

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