Got some M&S grundies last month


and they have proved to be of poor quality already holing at the crotch. Disappointing. This never happened with BHS!


Pics or it didn’t happen




Is holing a word?


you want to get yourself down tkmax’s lad


Hello Balonz.

You may remember that around a year ago I went through a week in which a small hole appeared in the exact same area of three different pairs of pants on three consecutive days.

You may be interested to learn that I had an equivalent hole appear again in a different pair of pants about a fortnight ago.


I have noted a marked drop in quality at Sparkies


Always thought you’d be a Y-Fronts kinda guy


is this a pun


I’ve found I get 3 years wear out of Tesco undies on a 10 pair rotation.


V sharp dick


can’t see the picture beneath your post


Look at the big balls on brad(onz)


Thunderbirds etc.

What a waste of my 1,000th post


Or v powerful wind


My monies on weighty balls


Balonz I’m sure i warned you once about a set of M&S pots and pans I bought that were very lacklustre quality. Did you not take heed?


Ol’ clatterbollocks never listens to advice.



Don’t be so innocent!