Got someone from Yorkshire visiting me this afternoon


Any advice?


Have a sweepstakes on here for how long it takes before he mentions being from Yorkshire.

I’ll have a fiver on “within 30 seconds”, please.


Give them some rubbish tea, PG tips or something. Bound to piss them right off.


Ask them if they want a ‘cup of brew’. they’ll think you’re very ‘reet’ local


Don’t mention the war!!


of the roses? Shit that was going to be my opener.


No women in yorkshire


He happens to be right but still shame on epimer!


Tell them a beer costs £7 so you can hear the wonderful yorkshire warcry of “owwwwwwwwwwwwwwmuch”


Be kind and polite


I’d be on the tinnies already tbh


He’s pretty senior so I’m going to have to do that anyway.


Our vision is based on movement, so try to stay still.


Prefix any noun you have to use with “God’s own…”

He’ll fucking LOVE IT. :white_flower:


As in old or in authority or both?


Authority. I’m rude as fuck to old shits (please see posts to zxcvbnm).


This is a big day for whoever this is


Which bit of Yorkshire? This matters.


Dunno, he’s based in Castleford (note to self say ‘casselfud’) but I haven’t pried beyond that.

‘Pried’ looks weird, eh?


Push him down the stairs.