GoT Speculation with Spoilers (please blur spoilers)


@whiterussian requested no spoilers in her other thread so I’ve made a new thread for spoiler speculation etc.

Please still use spoiler tags though. Cheers Theo

some fucking cunt working for HBO’s script editing department has leaked loads of plot developments anonymously. 50/50 on their legitimacy but he’s apparently hit the mark three times due to leaked paparazzi shots.


apparently one of the DRAGONS gets turned into a WHITE WALKER by the night’s king. no shit. sounds awesome but really sad.

GoT abstinence thread (Rolling) No spoilers

These have been around for like six months.

Reckon they’re all true tbh.

Edit: I posted about them in this thread a month ago.


why do people need to ruin things


is this a thread for posting game of thrones spoilers?

then i am OUTTA here! talk to you soon.

Game of Thrones - Season 7 thread

You win this round hyg but i’ll be watching you.


Thank God for spoiler tags on the new forum.


spoilers dont bother me coz i forget everything anyway. but then i watch stuff and im like ooh i knew that would happen. its good


Good, now there’s a dedicated thread, here’s a link to the spoilerthon in all its spoily glory:


Even more here

I hate spoilers for books, but I’m fine with them for tv. It gets me more excited to watch. These are probably spoiling the book too, but they’ve diverged so much I don’t really care any more.

This is the only one I’ve read that makes me :frowning: Jamie travels to Highgarden and Olenna drinks poison. The claim is this happens when the Lannister armies sack High Garden. She admits to having killed Joffrey, and Jamie allows her to drink the poison.


Not much interest in spoliers then? Come on, someone else must want to spoil their whole series…


This is interesting:

(I had a pet theory that maybe near the planet’s equator there is the an equivalent wall, protecting against ‘Fire Walkers’, and that the White Walkers rise up when their fire equivalent are beaten back)


there’s another wall-type structure in the far east, beyond dragonstone.

have we all read the leaks from the script intern? @hip_young_gunslinger you know they found that kid and he’s never working in hollywood again.


You mean in Asshai?

The World of Ice and Fire book is amazing for all this background lore but if anything the mythos is too messy, I don’t think half of it will ever be adequately laid out.


YOU are an Asshai


Think I’m getting confused with the Black Wall of Volantis.

Of course Bran the Builder also supposedly built Storm’s End as well as the Wall and Winterfell, and maybe the tower at Oldtown.


The leaks make it sound even worse than you’d expect tbh