Got stung by an animal or plant recently?

Don’t know if I mentioned but I got stung by a wasp on Sunday.

Been bitten quite a few times by something or other. Mozzy? (No not Moz) or maybe a midge? little fuckers.

Oh yeah I got pretty midged on the morning of the Portugal v Germany game in the Euros.

Got nettled and prickled when I was picking blackberries at the weekend…I was so itchy for a good couple of days afterwards.

Have I fuck. They know what’d happen to them and give me a wide berth

would you say that having been stung by a wasp has affected your relationship with the species in any way?

take it to the magnanimous thread and see


Not recently, but last year a wasp flew into my beer without me noticing it. Fucker stung me on the inside of my lip.

The animal that stings the most?



I got stung by a bee once.

£50 for a jar of honey!


“I float like a butterfly, sting like a man” Muhammad Abee


Disturbed a wasps nest by mistake a couple of weeks ago - threw some stuff in the compost heap at my in-laws (they hasn’t mentioned the nest) - Three stings, genuinely a pretty frightening experience, our two year old was out in the garden at the same time but thankfully far enough away

Yeah by a wasp last night in bed.

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happy thursday!

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By last night I mean the night before, it hasn’t happened two nights in a row!

Stung by numerous stinging nettle on a walk 3wks ago.

Today my dog picked up a bumble bee in his mouth and spat it out again. My daughter shouted for me to come and get rid of the bee and check the dog over. I went into the lounge and saw the bee still moving on the floor. The only thing I had on me was a face mask so I picked up the bee with the mask and it stung me through the mask on my thumb! :confused: it hurt for a bit just like a young stinging nettle leaf but it seems fine now 2 hours after the incident. The dog is fine! :roll_eyes:

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