Got talking to a Spanish girl last night who speaks tour other languages. I only know a little German.

He’s 5 ft 4.


Audi you know him?


Tour other languages?

Le Tour-noi?


damn, this is the quality of post you have to achieve to get a POTW nomination?

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some of us will never scale those heights

Extremely high, right.

You have to do a post of extremely high quality to receive a POTW nomination. That’s the whole point of the thing.

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When Ant’s allowed to nominate all quality checks are removed from the system.


the small business consultant?

I see, I was hoping it was there to give low-quality posters like myself a confidence boost

Nah nah, the Post of the Week award is for posts of an extremely high quality only I’m afraid.

maybe I’ll start my own, rival POTW award

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Will I be able to nominate as many posts as I like or will I be limited to only two?

Part of the same universe

depends, how many of my posts will you be nominating?

As many as I enjoy

my response here has come undone, so I’m goign to pretend you said ‘very few’ or perhaps ‘none’, to which I say ‘ah you get as many nominations as you choose then’, and then no one enjoys the exchange

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I would have enjoyed it

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