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we never did find out what greyworms dick situation exactly was either


i thought they took the taters but left the pork

Nope. The unsullied will be too busy larging it up out of their fucking tree in Marbs. They’ll forget about all their worries and their strife

alright, baloo


they can cgi a dragon burning down a city but can’t do some unsullied nethers? smh

Train comes I don’t know its destination

It’s a one way ticket to


Don’t make me McBain you

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@Scunner potw


they definitely took the glands only i think

might write a tweet to grrm to check

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The happiest time in Jon’s life, aside from as a kid at Winterfell, was living among the Free Folk, hanging out with the lad Mance, shagging Ygritte, it’s obvious he’s going back there to do what he liked doing, and more power to him - he was miserable as Lord Commander, and even more miserable as King in the North.

I don’t really see why the Wildings would go back north of the wall, I assume it’s nicer on the south, they seem to have reached an accord with Winterfell in the wake of fighting the white walkers, couldn’t they settle the castles and lands that have been left empty? If they still refuse to acknowledge the authority of the crown they go north of the wall, but there’s a big hole in it, so it would just be a gentleman’s agreement for the North not to go after them like they have in the past.



Jon went North, Greyworm went Naarth


They don’t even need Maisie Williams to sign up for it. They can just have a line about her face swapping.

and every face she swaps she hopes will be the next face swap home


Quartham Leap


shut. up. :open_mouth:

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Battle of the bastards is the absolute standout episode to me.

But best scene… I still love the Night King raising his arms at the end of Hardhome.


Big Kane Energy that

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