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i imagine a thing like star wars will be micro managed to within an inch of its life. doubt they actually let people have any kind of creative freedom. don’t things like this & the big marvel movies just hire directors to more or less coach a performance out of the actors? the writing, cinematography, effects, action sequences etc will all be farmed out to a separate committee and it’ll all get approved through like 5 different levels of mouse

Thor Ragnorak rather disproves this, no?

but like… the interview with those two guys is pretty… honest, no? like i’m not surprised at all that this not a tightly run ship. is anyone? :smiley:


yeah it seems fine? like, fair enough to them for saying that they were learning as they went along, and that they didnt open up the writing much coz they wanted to keep it between the two of them, and i dont know why everyone is getting so angry about how they pitched it to HBO. if they pitched it as the entire story they would have been told it was unfilmable, since they pitched just the pilot and a lower level overview of where they wanted to go they got the gig. obvs the guy whose twitter thread it is is a total book wanker but wow he seems to have a vendetta against them. ive been to a lot of Q&As with filmmakers and this seems totally fine :man_shrugging:

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maybe. feel like thor was in the shitter so bad no one really gave a shit what happened to it.

bet it still had to be approved like fuck though. like if it was a total disaster or even had particular scenes they didn’t like there was no way they would have released it

like sure, they landed on their feet, they were champion blaggers and maybe they wouldnt have had these opportunities if they werent middle aged middle class white men or whatever, but thats a symptom of an overarching problem in film and tv, its not their fault


and i don’t think they suggest anywhere that it was anything other than sheer luck that got the series made

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Inclined to agree with xylo and vine here. We aren’t even getting to hear what they actually said - just what some dork on twitter says they said


i think its quite telling that it all seems completely fine when theyre just reporting what they said and then everything after that is angry about something. idgi


I feel like the most revealing thing from the interview is how much they nakedly went away from GRRM’s vision, even though at the beginning honouring that seemed to be the thing that drove them, or at least displaying that was how they got the gig. It’s understandable that as material ran out they had to change stuff, but relying on the actors to shape their characters and stories… yeah not sure about that chief.

I think their lack of awareness regarding privilege is the galling thing. They are rich/straight/white men who were given the opportunity to run a huge big budget show when they didn’t have the credentials, experience or the talent.

That and the have open contempt for the fantasy genre and its fans?

And this is pretty egregiously bad;

They’re saying that it was okay to not have any non-white writers because they had one Asain writer write a small amount of episodes.

is it mainly not that they’re saying it’s because no one else was doing the writing other than themselves? i’m not sure they needed to give a wider answer than that tbh. their mention of a woman and non-white person writing appears to have been brought up because… they were asked about women and POC?

where are they saying it was okay BECAUSE of that? you reading stuff on another feed or?

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I mean that would be bad if they had had lots of writers - but they wrote it all themselves :man_shrugging:

They got the show commissioned and made. I doubt this guy would be crying so much if he’d liked the ending

Yes they benefited directly from straight white privilege but so did pretty much everyone in the entertainment business, I’m not sure why they deserve to be singled out

well aye, obviously. to hear them going “yeah no idea what we were doing, just winging it” it’s either amazing it turned out well or no surprise it was a car crash depending on how you thought it turned out

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Looking back now I struggle to remember anything really good about GoT. Think it was just that there was loads of stuff going on so it was easy to ignore that most of it was kinda middling.

My understanding is that they oversaw writing for each episode, but they didn’t write the entirety of it. They had other contributing writers.

I don’t think I’m personally singling them out - I know it’s an issue that’s endemic to the industry, and this is a pretty good example of that issue so I thought to share.

Not read the twitter account it came from so I don’t know if there’s a vendetta as such, but the general incompetence of the writers that they’ve shown everywhere matches up to what’s been reported on here.

That said @xylo is right and I’m probably reading too much into some of it.

i think you could DEFINITELY argue they’re pretty naive when they say ‘we just lucked out’ without understanding the pretty massive demographic reasons they are able to ‘just luck out’. an ignorance for sure, just not to my mind a dismissive one. they’re basically kids


we didn’t know what we were doing … but we really felt we had to make it our own

kind of moot really isn’t it because if GRRM had finished writing the fucking thing about 20 years ago it wouldn’t be an issue.