Got this strong urge to be in london right now at this moment in time

where would you be if it were so possible?

Back in bed :sleeping:

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Somewhere cold and remote with lots of trees. Maybe canada.

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Your mum’s house

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Right now I’m in London and it’s the best place to be because I get to see the fabulous Fleshtones tonight.

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Watching the Lions at Eden Park.




Having a shit on a private space station…imagine the unmolested peace!

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Somewhere in Devon or Cornwall.

As the turd floats past your ear…



Bon Ivor, coming out to a sold-out audience

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Don’t it’s too fuckinh warm!

i have never wanted to be in london

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Let’s not pretend London isn’t horrible this time of year


This guy sure loves the fleshtones!

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i mean this is it, i was once in london during a heatwave and everywhere smelled like caramelised garbage. but just woke up really wanting to go down.

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So go

I live in a cultural vacuum, so London does appeal on occasion! I’ve got yer back!

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In a very secluded spot, overlooking the sea with a notebook and a lusciously cold beer.