Got to say, lads...

Yazoo Choc-hazelicious takes some bloody beating.

Make yourself feel better by being negative below…


vanilla > chocolate > dessert ones that aren’t chocolate. fruit milkshakes are the pits.

Alison Moyet
Soyet Milk.
Just need to put that together.


When Jamie Oliver said we couldn’t have nice things in school any more, they put fruit in the vending machine where yazoos had previously been and a boy two years above got so angry he smashed the glass on it


Moderately bad experience with Frijj. I locked myself out the house and was walking around till about noon one night (this was the night of the fateful ConDem election btw for extra context and spooky premonitions of bad tidings). At around 8, I went down to the 24 hr Tescos to get something to eat or drink. With the money I had, I could have bought a sensible breakfast snack and a bottle of water. Nah, old muggins here followed his libidinous sugar hunger and spent all that money on a chocolate Frijj. It was nice but I realised immediately that this decision I made though justifiable in the short term didn’t really make any sense and in fact only created further problems in the long term

In many ways a microcosm of British government in its entirety ever since that fateful night


Oh lord, were you at school during that campaign?!


I remember i was in sixth form and we’d just go down to spar and get dip dabs


Close call tho

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Unfortunately! Never forgiven him. Was in year 8 I think


Only you could have come up with that.

My housemates thought I’d pulled

Little did they know I’d gotten locked out and gotten disappointed by a supermarket milkshake and almost shat me trousers

And predicted brexit


I was just off to university :grimacing::grimacing:

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People eat and drink a lot of dairy, don’t they

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Apart from Alison Soyet

And me, obviously, I’m better than that

Plus it liquifies your poo poo

That’s a coincidence

This was a great joke by the way idiots.

Dairy’s great. Fuck the cows.