Gotta get banal on friday

Today is going

  • Fast
  • Normal time-speed
  • Slow
  • Ssssslllloooooowwwww
  • Dunno

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Plan tonight

  • Going out
  • Staying in
  • Working
  • Studying
  • something else
  • not on fribook

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AOB? Snacks?

been eating like fuck recently

might buy more food anyway. fuck it.

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Food is well goo



watched this cooking show from the ‘what you into’ thread about making gourmet versions of things and this lassie was trying to make a gourmet kit kat and now i really want a kit kat

This has done me

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Busy reading up on my dog law

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Doug Loblaw’s Dog Law Law Blog


It’s so dead at work but it means I can do a different job at the same time. side hustuel

i’ve put “going out” but we’re only gonna swing by a brewery on the way home and then maybe go to the local

fucking shite weather eh?

That’s definitely out, and arguably out out.

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Just wondering what the next big hitter in terms of numbers is gonna be?

420 has been pretty popular with the internet for a while now

69 is having a nice time

What’s next? What have we collectively missed?


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Yes good. And what will be the catchphrase for when that number appears? Eg ‘blaze it’, ‘nice’…


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Shit you not that’s what I was gonna suggest. Now THAT is spooky

I’ve put “going out” but I only just found out about the gig and need to see if my GF wants to go.

It is my friend AND his gf’s (who I would also consider a friend) birthday so going to South London oh 'eck

I will argue with you about this because you are not correct

Going to the local: out

Going to multiple places, at least one of which is not the local: out out