Gotta Get Down on Friday

Hello, it is Friday.

How are you?

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am still desperately sick, and would like your sympathy and attention.

What’s yer weekend plans, pals?

I’m sorry to hear that Juke. Hope you get well soon.

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Also,I should have gone to bed about three hours ago. Oh shit

Hi. I should be in bed, &yet…


Shit man, how long are you in Panama for? Anyway, I like this. Imagine how shit an unironic UK beer called ‘United Kingdom’ would be?

@AQOS I hope you are well soon x


At 4am there was an absolutely smashed man making gutteral noises, occasionally shouting “FUCK!”, and throwing stones at my building.

That was nice. I’m still awake.


Just an international footballer telling his government to stop being fascists. Nice.

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Would depend on the thickness of everyone’s curtains I guess.

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Will be back in blighty in a week give or take. Gonna take like three days to get home but have a ferry to a different island, beach party, ferry, hotel, pool party, flight, flight, taxi, home. RIP ericv


Hi drunk dissers, I’m very jealous of you right now.

About to do my daily 1hr walk to work but at least its Friday! After that I’m going to treat maself to some lovely fish n chips. Going to Mutations festival tomorrow so will probably have a quiet one tonight n play some Apex Legends. Have a fantastic Friday everybody!

Went to bed at 1, awake at 4. Have a very very warm baby so that’s nice. Zzzzzzz


They’re not hot water bottles!

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She feels like one


Glad you’ve met mike ashley at last


Shit, pal. Hope you get better soon. Being ill at the weekend sucks.


On a train to London for an all day training session, meant to be going straight out when I get back to Sheffield but will be knackered.

Maybe parkrun, haircut and the women’s league Cup final tomorrow. Long run Sunday, off work for tv’s birthday Monday.

Had about 2 hours sleep last night and I’m lying in bed going through reasons to work from home.


Tonight my pal who lives in Berlin is arriving. It is also the evening of the £400 bar tab.

Tomorrow is :rugby_football: and Modeselektor

Sunday is :bike:


Today is work and then a drive up to Yorkshire to see my parents in preparation for the football with my dad tomorrow. Can’t wait.

Hello :wave:t2:

Nowt planned for today. Was planning to go Bletchley Park for a day out with my mate, but we both forgot and now cba.