Gotta get down on Friday!

Happy Friday friends

Still in bed, can’t do it.


Morning telly should just be presented by two women all the time instead of a wanker/boring man and woman.

I’m in a warehouse watching my daughter do gymnastics.

Later should be film (Monster University if she sticks to Wednesday’s request) and pizza ordered in, followed by her bed time and me going back to work to catch up on my hours.

Hello Friday peeps and Happy Birthday to @Twinkletoes.

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I am also in bed.

Got to go to work though, then it’s VOTING TIME.

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Still in bed crew represent

Gonna get up in a sec though. Listening to Electr-o-pura. On the late tonight

Sitting in the kitchen having a very rare midweek breakfast with coffee and listening to Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue Bootleg, fucking good start to the day. :+1:


Three. Day. Weekend.


18 for me.

Get to see some top,top pals who live in NZ now in 5 hours.

Got a very good flat white on the go.



Two hour trip to Hurst Green in Sussex this morning. About a quarter of the way through it. Site visit.

Hoping not to go all the way back to MK afterwards but duck off at Watford. Travelling with my boss so that may be a forlorn hope.

Nothing happening tonight.

It’s wear your bfs jacket to work even though it doeant do up and loses its functionality but it looks good day

Walked down my street yesterday and a man walking past me did a full-on Nazi salute down the road. At first I thought he was waving at someone but he…wasn’t. Fucking weird, man.

Mooorning. Working at 6pm today so got a little while to fight off this hangover. Gonna go for a walk in the sun and buy a nice drink then probably laze around watching old episodes of GoT :sunny:

Hello! Off to work shortly for the last relatively calm day before the holidays start. Got loads to do though so might just not bother.

Morning. Went out for beers with @weeber last night, had a lovely time, and then drunk me apparently decided to reset the alarm from 6:45 to 7:45.

Very very responsible. The most responsible.


i’m PRAYING that my other job can’t repair the broken extractor so I don’t have to work on Saturday, but if I do have to work, I don’t really mind. My previous work would have made us work in like 50 degree heat while being wanky liberal psychos :)))))))


WFH from home today because I’m supposed to be receiving a parcel.

Just checked the delivery status and it said they’ve incorrectly sorted the package so there may be a bit of a delay.

“Oh I’m sure it’s just gone to a different sorting hub”, I thought to myself. “In, oh, I don’t know, Luton or somewhere.”

Fucking Spain mates. They’ve sent my parcel to fucking Spain.


Hope it has a lovely holiday!

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Bet I don’t a postcard, let alone some milka from the duty free.