Gotta get down on Friday!

It’s in Spain not Italy


Hey Everyone!

That’s it. I’m going back to bed.


Hello Scunner, all,

Really looking forward to bank holidising. Got plans and schemes afoot, including another canal walk tomorrow, but more on that nearer the time. Fairly quiet Friday on the cards today. going to ping out a few completed requests this morning and hope to avoid further such demands for me to do my job. I’ll level with you, I’m mostly excited for having a glass of wine in my hand and listening to the new CRJ album again later. Thinking about it, I will probably spend a lot of today keeping my nose to the ground on the hunt for cut price Christine and the Queens tickets for Sunday, which I still haven’t sourced.

Hope you have a great day.

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Slept in a motorhome, on a driveway in Newcastle, with two dogs, after beers with @guntrip

Tired? No, of course not. Fresh as a daisy. Honest.


Hey @anon3515918

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Morning all.

Happy birthday @Twinkletoes you GBORCHPEBML* you!

I’m doing Cardiff Psych & Noise fest this weekend and I don’t feel remotely ready for that much noise and Red Stripe. Truth be told this should be a weekend of quiet, sleepy contemplation. But USA Nails are playing for free tonight and I can’t say no that, can I?

Hope you’re all well

*Great Bunch of Rock Climbing Hyper Prolific Electronic Banger Making Lad


Happy birthday @Twinkletoes :muscle:t2::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Happy Birthday @Twinkletoes! No hard feelings pal, I’ve left you a present somewhere in your house :wink:


Happy birthday APHXTWNKLTS

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HB @Twinkletoes :tada::tada::tada:

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Has the font in the reply box got smaller or is my eyesight getting even worse?

@Twinkletoes happy birthday mate


HB @Twinkletoes! :tada: :tada::tada::tada::tada:

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Ah cheers folks and @GuineaPig! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just rocked up to work. Planning on a takeaway and watching 10 Things I Hate About You for the bazillionth time this evening.


You have 18 days off?


On a day like today you’re commuting into work and you think that you’d rather be at home, sitting on the balcony with a cold drink.

Whereas on the commute home you’ll be thinking that in only a little while, I’ll be sitting on the balcony with a cold drink.

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I’m already drooling at the prospect. This is gonna be a long day.

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Morning all!

My work take a long weekend now so I’m not back with my actual employer until Wednesday. My bank holiday Monday will be interrupted by an exam marking meeting, but that’s a future problem.

I’ve already taken The Child to see the doctor about allergies, then to nursery. Currently having a coffee before I go to the shops. Hopefully I can spend all afternoon playing Nuka World.

Can’t believe this is my thing now.