Gotta get down on Friday!

Can’t decide

Happy birthday @Twinkletoes!

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Quiet WFH day today - need to try and get to the tip with a load of garden waste if I can

Work leaving drinks at 4, should be fun as it’s someone from happier work times when I was in a fun team with people who liked each other. Hopefully will be a bit of a reunion

You did it to yourself m9

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@Twinkletoes happy birthday buddy! :birthday:

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Happy birthday @Twinkletoes you glorious bastard. Hope you have a lovely day :+1::metal::grinning:

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As discussed, please see the instructions for the chair move today and thank you for being so flexible at last minute notice.

Arrival time: at 10 am , the truck will arrive. From 11am onwards, I expect we can make the changes. Apologies for the time pressure but there will be a company coming at 1pm collecting the old chairs.

a) new chairs will be available in the boardroom and the Paris area
b) please advise agents to wipe visibile stains from the plastic parts of the chairs
c) agents should bring their old chair and exchange it for a new one (they need to sign for tracking purposes)
d) AMs to sign for absent agents + new hires (as per seating plan)
e) People should enter with the old chair via the regular entrance to the gound floor, they will exit via the side entrance

Hello pals. Working a half day today then off to Essex to drop the baby off and spend a weekend in London with the TV. Bit irked that I bought tickets for Alice In Chains months ago and they’ve come up on a certain popular seat filling ticket giveaway website but OH WELL.



might go back to bed for a bit

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happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:

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Fucking hell, wandered into the Jamie’s Italian thread thinking it’d be a short read.

Scanned about 70 comments comparing chain restaurants and realised there were 200+ replies.

oh my sweet summer child


just accidentally revealed I work at MI5, fuck

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I only had one (1) email come in overnight and it was the article aggregator thing that I’ve stopped pretending I’m going to read and instead delete on sight.

I’m taking that as a sign to do the bare minimum today and fuck off at half four.

Some of the countryside on this here train to Hurst Green is gorgeous. Just going through @ynot’s patch.

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Happy Birthday @Twinkletoes :octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus::octopus:


Or Subway.

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that’s ‘artists’, thank you very much

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