Gousto/Hello Fresh

This is a thread to discuss all things about food delivery boxes as I know there’s a few people on here who use them. Particularly interested to here which recipes Gousto users think are the best.

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If anyone wants to try Gousto and get a hefty 60% off you can use my discount code LAURA22241747

Started this thread because I’m cooking the Beef Keema recipe and as always they seem to massively underestimate the amount of time and water for cooking rice.

I’ve got Simply Cook. It’s changed my eating life, I love it.

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See I don’t really get simply cool, isn’t it just spices?

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We’ve done a few weeks with Hello Fresh (mainly when there’s an offer on)

Pros: nice food, decent portion sizes, gets you out of a cooking rut, no food waste

Cons: Expensive at full price, sometimes can’t be arsed to cook, generates loads of washing up, feels a bit wasteful in terms of packaging though I know they try and make it all recyclable etc

Don’t know what HF is like but the packing for Gousto is minimal compared to if I bought the same stuff from a super market

Lots of individually packaged single servings of spice and stuff, all feels a bit much

Oh sure, but that’s pretty minimal in the grand scheme isn’t it? The veg doesn’t come wrapped like it mostly does in the supermarket and the meat definitely has much reduced packaging

Gousto seems like a massive, massive rip off from the boxes I’ve seen at people’s houses.

“ooo look at this lovely pasta dish, only £10 for 2 servings!!!”

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We have recipe books and the internet


Used Hello Fresh for a short while. Can’t remember who handled their deliveries, but they were constantly late and we’d often arrive home to a box of food with a load of those melted ice bags.

There are a few meals that are in rotation today but I don’t think I’d go back to it. Food wastage is low, but the packaging just seemed so OTT - a single garlic clove in plastic. Just crazy.

Yeah you get spice mixes but a lot of the pots are also extremely concentrated reductions, stocks and marinades/rubs containing the ideal level of flavour and seasoning you need. Flavour is the thing I struggle most with when cooking and these help so much, some of the things would take probably 1-2 hours and a lot of effort to make from scratch rather than 20 easy mins. Perfect for a lazy but busy person like myself. It’s definitely worth the £2 per recipe for the convenience and professional taste.

I also like it because you have to get the veg/meat yourself so you’re not pressured to use the recipe kits straight away.


Yeah, that is a fair point, but I find it quite hard to get inspiration and we got stuck in a bit of a meal rut, despite having those things. Hello Fresh was great for us in that regard.


Actually fuck off

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That’s mental

I got about 30 single use tiny plastic pots with a teaspoon of turmeric in etc. It’s completely ridiculous packaging.

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My sister in law wanted me to do Hello Fresh once. Garbage tbh. Not into it at all.

Know someone who got a box and then just used the ingredients randomly instead of for the specified dishes, like they’d just done a general food shop