Graffiti - Is it always vandalism?

here is some graffiti i spotted in the alleyway behind my house, must be the door that leads to the chippy

reminds me of the new HMHB album cover


famously some ‘Join the IRA’ graffiti in my hometown got creatively turned into this:

then the council painted over it, and predictably the original message returned soon after (don’t know what it looks like at the minute)


a classic:



my favourite bit of Belfast street art

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and the worst:


lastly i’ve posted this one before but i find it more enjoyable to just read the first two lines



Think that’s been invented dude, to be honest.

That’s a mural though, surely.

(Is this a trap?)

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Didn’t you say say the council had intervened?

Yes after it had been repaired by some guy the council put Perspex up.

There is also this example

I’d like to know which piece you know of that has been protected by the council.

Hull and Islington as shown in the two articles I’ve linked to

In other words, ive no idea what the evening standard are talking about.

“Hull City Council said staff would be on site this morning “applying a protective layer to the artwork to prevent further damage”.“

I still would like to know exactly which pieces we are talking about. As in - which of Banksy’s pieces.

Why are you being so difficult the one in Hull, look it up yourself stop being lazy

they protect banksy’s art in Hull?!

Why do they do that?

You’re being weird.


Not read the thread but I’m assuming someone has sensibly pointed out that if you have enough money you can plaster your stupid bullshit message (wow, i feel angry oooh) everywhere and that’s fine, so all is good

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