Graham Taylor RIP

can’t think of anything to post here that wouldn’t be seen as mildly distasteful


do I not like that :frowning:


“Assenmacher would not officiate an international game again”

One of the good guys. He really was.




Does he not like that

this is sad :frowning:
always had a weird affection for him
not many football clubs with as big a figure in recent-ish history as he was in Watford’s

Did what he did not for money or fame or recognition, but for the love of the game.
Press absolutely hammered him, on a personal level that was unprecedented and he took it all with dignity.
Top football man


He always struck me as a good guy

Read a great fact that before he took over at Watford, they had only spent 2 years in the top 2 divisions in their history. Since then, they’ve only spent 2 years out of them

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It’s incredibly weird and underhand how the media completely pick apart the characters of some public personalities and make them out to be figures of fun, then lead the tributes when they pass away. We shouldn’t let the tabloid press get away with making peoples lives so difficult. Graham Taylor took Watford from the old Fourth Division to second place in the First Division and a Cup Final, as well as getting Lincoln, Villa and Watford promoted again. In most other countries he’d be revered, but here he’ll be remembered as a turnip.


Yeah completely agree. Also there are some pretty distateful stories going around about how The Sun invited him to present a leaving present to the journalist who labelled him the turnip. Really awful. He was clearly a really humble, dignified and decent guy.

The English press are representing the opinions of the average England football supporter.

No they’re not. They’re influencing the opinions of the average English football supporter. That’s hiw the press works, Big difference.


No it isn’t.

Did for Villa than get the promoted - if we’d languished there it could’ve been catastrophic really, so soon after winning the European Cup. Took us to second in the top division 2 years later as well