Grammar schools then

Go on then, guess we need to have our first fucking boring proper discussion of the new era don’t we.

Thoughts? Feelings?

Urgh. Probably won’t happen. Will provoke really tedious gone-over-this-so-many-times “debate”. Telegraph spunking itself stupid.

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I went to a Grammar School.


Highlight was some scallies from the comp up the road spraying “GRAMMER SCHOOL SUCKS” on the wall outside. Fucking thickos.

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I went to a grammar school.

While I’m against them in principle, I’d still consider sending my children to one if it was available - although I’m not keen on gender segregation which is common with grammars. My wife is dead against them full stop.

think one of the issues with them is related to property prices - it’s expensive to live near them and therefore children from poorer backgrounds are less likely to have a chance of attending?

I went to a grammar school and now I’m all successful and that.

Grammars tend to have wider catchment areas so the property inflation has more impact on high-performing comprehensives AFAIK. I went to an all-boys grammar. It was really entitled, almost exclusively white upper-middle class (I was probably one of the least well-off in my year and I’m from an absolutely middle-class background). Loads of the kids had gone to private primary schools, got private tutoring for the 11-plus so their parents didn’t have to fork out for private secondary, but still got the funding advantage over comprehensives. Broken system, get rid of them


Used to be open-minded about them.

Now, after having seen evidence, am steadfastedly opposed.

Rotten, revisionist policy solely floated to appeal to the slavish Tory right.

I generally agree with all of this, but it seems so obvious that it rather worries me that May’s running with it at all. The weight of evidence and expert opinion is so overwhelming against the idea that this is either just a balloon that the government are sending up to get an immediate response with its base, or they are really going to try and run with partisan issues at the same time as trying to plan for brexit. The fact that this isn’t any kind of mandate or recent development to offer context only makes the whole thing more weird.

Is this a distraction issue that the Tory press can chew on or actually something they’re serious about? I have no idea.