Tell me about it. What to do, hidden gems, etc.


went about…15 years ago. was nice, cool buildings and good food. just don’t go in July and August.

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Corrie, The Royle Family and Seven Up! are my favourites, hahahaha


Went to Seville in August a few years ago. Learned my lesson. Fucking hell.

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Take Off Laugh GIF by BBC

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Went in early September. Don’t go in early September.

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Went in 2019, really nice.

Bar Candela, cold beer and and lovely stuff on toast.
Casa de Vinios La Brujidera - Great wine and tapas
Bar Casa Julio 1947 - Trad bar, good vermouth and atmosphere
Bar los Diamantes - Seafood. Clams and prawns were excellent. Lots of old boys loving life in there.
San Augustin Market - I like food markets, its a good one to wander around

Didn’t go to Alhambra but there is a bar across the valley that looks onto it called Cafe Bar Bocadilleria Piba. I had a beer, read and chatted to locals with an amazing view.

Hope you have a great time!

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Went in 2004 towards the end of my big Europe trip. Really good city imo. Can’t really remember where’s good but there was a place we went where the tapas you got with every beer was either a mini doner kebab or a cheeseburger so go there I reckon.

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