Grand National 2022

Is anyone having a small flutter?

I’m just having a fiver each on Snow Leopardess and Death Duty. Not looked at the form or who’s riding, complete punts.

* Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, and if you’re struggling with gambling speak to GamCare or Be Gambling Aware
* Around 86 racehorses a year die as a result of on-course injuries, and that’s not cool. If you win, maybe make a donation to Animal Aid or another charity.


I went for lostintranslation and Longhouse poet

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I think Charlie Brooker summed it up best as “an event which does for horses what a horse killing machine also does for horses.”

I know it’s only the third post and sorry to be a downer but honestly fuck horse racing. Buy a scratch card instead.


It isn’t great that horses die from racing. However, 100 horses dying a year for sport isn’t a drop in the ocean compared to the millions of animals slaughtered and living in inhumane conditions for food.

My friend was giving off about it when watching the race last year and had literally just ordered a beef burger. I think at least race horses, other than whipping (obvs horrendous), are probably treated fairly well compared with those who are killed for food.

Not saying horse racing is necessary (or fun) but think the argument just isn’t that important compared with other animal welfare issues. I think this tends to be an argument because you see the horses being injured during the race, whereas when you order a burger it comes on your plate and might not think about the unnecessary killing.


went in the sweepstake with The Lads at work and my horses had odds of 33-1, 66-1 & 100-1 so ive decided that gambling is immoral and also the horses dying thing

Congrats to the fastest horse