Grand Theft Auto 6

Feel like im getting flack for trying to give advice to people who may not know the space very well so im just going to piss off

GTAII was great

They should do a GTA in the style of Heat where one character is a mob leader with traditional GTA gameplay and the other is a crooked detective with LA Noire type missions, and there are different free roam activities available depending on who you’re playing as, and also you should win things by playing


worth remembering gta v is the second biggest game of all time. i’m sure 6 will be even bigger. can’t wait, personally.

The take home I get from this is that some people have written some really long and very very dull articles off the back of this story based on not a lot of useful information.

Can’t wait for the real release when I get to find out if they really have modelled a place in Colombia.

What’s the biggest?

Oh, bye Duckie

Played them all extensively.

Not too fussed about online.

Pretty sure I got 100% completion on IV. Love getting all the collectibles early in the game to get to know the map well.


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By some distance, too! 238m copies of Minecraft, compared to 169m for GTA5.

no idea how these numbers really work anymore what with streaming/gamepass etc. but yeah, think GTA V will always be a huge day one release, way beyond any other franchise.

one christmas my mam and dad were round and we’d just had dinner. we started trying to play a new board game but we were all too drunk to figure out the instructions so we got on GTAV. top fun just showing my mam and dad how to shoot and steal cars and that was pretty much it, just taking it in turns to play til we die :grinning:


Funs over

Someone has mentioned that the person that was arrested was 8 when GTA 5 came out and wasn’t born when San Andreas came out.