Grandaddy (Rolling Thread) - The Lost Machine Orchestra Tour happening NOW!

Way We Won’t

Clear Your History

Very, very good!!

I concur.

How are the alpacas?

They are fine. Both were castrated a couple of weeks ago, but they have recovered to full cuteness.

Photos please

The synth line for the chorus of ‘Way We Won’t’ makes me so happy. I cannot wait for the album now.

Way We Wont is a choon, GIMMEH THE ALBUM

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Ticket booked for Bristol!

Sacked off Alt Tickets as they wanted £7.50 for postage and went direct to the Colston Hall (£1.50).

of the castrations?

Got my ticket for Brighton - pumped to see Grandaddy at the concorde 2

April seems a long time to wait

I booked through Alt Tickets for Nottingham. The postage was only £2.00, wonder why they tried to charge you £7.50?

Not sure, booked on mobile and checking now there is a £2 fee. When I went on there this morning recorded first class was the only option with seemingly no way of being able to change it.

Never saw them the first time around but managed to catch their dinky Edinburgh show in August - they were amazing. So the girlfriend and I are off to see them in Newcastle on this tour. Very excited!

I don’t know the venue there, what’s it like?

Brighton for me

Forgot I’m running a marathon in Manchester the day after the Brighton gig so now I’ve got 4 tickets to ship. face value (£27 each), happy to sell as 2 pairs

Sometimes you want to hear bands move on, sometimes you just want them to sound reassuringly the same (usually if they’ve been away for ages). This is definitely the latter for me and I bloody love this song. Have got to miss the Bristol gig because of a wedding, although the wedding is going to be a lot of fun.

Can’t wait for them to play up in newcastle at Hoults Yard in March. Cannit bloody wait!

I’m coming down from Scotland to this gig. First time I’ve ever seen them.
Do you know what the venue is like? Capacity??

Oh, a lift, are we going down on alpacas :slight_smile:

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I’ll buy a pair next pay day (24th) if you’re happy to do this.

If they’re still with me then definitely. Just drop me a pm when you want them